Artist's statement

I am a painter, because that’s how I can deal with the things I consider important. I am interested in our relationship to the world and general well-being. My attitude for life is positive and I wish to convey it through my paintings.

I use mainly watercolors and oils, sometimes acrylics and tempera as well. My work starts with observation. I paint about something what draws my attention and inspires me. I work either from a direct observation, a photograph or memories, and I often mix all these resources. My painting process is about adjusting the colors and composition and alternating the organized practice with more intuitive one. My works are figurative, but I don’t have a need to imitate the reality, instead I wish to bring up something I’ve experienced.

Recently my paintings have been mostly about human. I’m interested in how we encounter ourselves, each other and the world around us. Our existence on this planet is a mystery. I like that, as a painter, I’m kind of an onlooker and I accept that I can only have a little hint of something way too complex for me to understand. But when I paint, I feel like I’m living a full life. Art is an endless source of energy, which carries far.